Animation Director Work

Arlo McKinley, “Stealing Dark from the Night Sky,” 2022 - Oh Boy! Records
“Villains” Credit Sequence, 2019 - Bron Studios
Adult Swim Station Ident, “Babies Having Babies,” 2020 - Adult Swim
“Life Up Close: Death Cap Mushrooms” 2019 - The Atlantic
SXSW Film Festival Bumpers, 2017 - SXSW
“Why Do Animals Form Swarms?” 2017 - TED Ed
“Yell Stomp Hiss” Title Sequence, 2022 - MEANS TV
“These Squids Can Fly,” 2020 - TED Ed
Adult Swim Station Ident: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 2018 - Adult Swim

Art Direction, Concept Art, Illustration

“I Blame Society” VHS Cover, 2022
Illustration & design for Analog Video, Chicago
“Making Sense of the Facebook Menace,” 2020
Illustration for The New Republic
“Hell of a Summer” Title Sequence Concept Art, 2022
Concept art for unrealized animated titles for Pineway Productions
“Convergence Station” (Ossuary Segment), 2021
Art Director and background artist for animated segment featured at Meow Wolf, Denver: “Convergence Station”
“Thank you Listeners” (Closing Sequence), 2020
Art & Animation Direction for Spotify (Dir. David Wilson)
Tim Faust Lecture, 2019
Poster illustration for Tim Faust lecture on “Health Justice Now”
Cucalorus 23, 2017
Poster design for 23rd Cucalorus Film Festival

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